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Multidisciplinary Reflections

By Phoenix Savage

What were your expectations?

I have to say I am not sure I had any expectations. It is generally not my nature to set up expectations. I feel that as we were mapping it out, it remained somewhat ethereal. As my workshop approached things became more concrete. And I focused on what concepts I wanted to exchange with the cohorts. But I did not set any consciences expectations of how this would go.

What pedagogical approaches did you decide to implement and why?

Sorry didn't do this either. Since I didn't have any expectations I knew that I would have to flow with how the cohorts presented themselves and adjust based on what peeked their attention and interests.

Do you think your approach was multidisciplinary? If so, how?

No, not really. In a vague sense yes, in that I pulled from social science like sociology and medical review on the hela cells as well as looking a biases about scientists. But those were the readings. My application to the readings was not multidisciplinary.

Did your implementation go as expected?

Again in remaining open so that I could respond and pivot bases on the student's responses, I did not have or maintain an expectation.

What parts of the implementation were a surprise or unexpected?

I think I was most surprised on the last day when I selected to reverse engineer getting the students to verbalize their understanding of their art works. This was surprising for two reasons.

1. I found the students far better at articulating their ideas

2. I was simply impressed with their vision.

What would you do differently next time?

Going forward I would offer students more visual examples. I shied from doing this because I didn't want to over influence their making process. But while that is a risk. I see where it would have greatly supported the process.

How did this experience impact your future teaching approaches?

I think I will in corporate more writing prompts in my assignments

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