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  • What is it the "Nested Knowldge" Fellowship?"
    The fellowship's objective is to have an in-depth discussion reflecting on power in science, the concept of truth, and how community and personal narratives pervade scientific knowledge. While working with the faculty collaborators, students will develop artistic works and reflective written descriptions with the support and guidance of faculty-collaborators This project expands on the understanding that while scientists are trained to examine information critically, they are humans with individual perspectives shaped by their surrounding culture. In particular, we are interested in capturing the narrative of Black scientists and understanding the nested knowledge that contributes to scientific knowledge. Students will also curate a digital exhibition of the conversations, products, and artwork they will have generated during the program.
  • What will you be doing as a Fellow?
    As a student fellow, you will be fully engaged in the 10-week program. Your attendance is critical for building a sustained and deep dialog about the role of individual and systemic biases related to the practice of science. This includes attending all meetings and completing all assignments. If you miss a session without prior approval by program leadership, you will be removed from the fellowship. All of your work will culminate in a digital exhibit intended to provoke scientists and nonscientists to consider power, truth, and personal narratives in science.
  • Who can apply to be a Fellow?
    We are interested in students who are currently pursuing a science degree but are also interested in science communication or are presently pursuing artistic training. We will be selecting one student from each institution involved in the Mellon partnership. Applications open March 22 Fellows will be notified on a rolling basis starting April 5 For full consideration, apply before April 1
  • How can you apply?
    Please use this link to apply.
  • What do I receive as a fellow?
    As a fellow, you will be involved in an innovative, scholarly investigation into the intersection of art, communication, anthropology, and art history that explores the epistemology of science. This is inherently a multidisciplinary process that requires multiple disciplinary considerations. You will be part of a large team that will generate a final exhibition. Furthermore, you will help expand the narrative of Black scientists within science knowledge into the scientific and public community. You will also receive a $2000 fellowship award and have access to funds for art supplies.
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